Omineca Placer Gold Properties


West Omineca Placer Gold Project

Included in this project are 22 Placer claims in British Columbia on 4 historic gold creeks Tom, Harrison, Kenny, and Vital

The area is approximately 40Km NE of Takla Landing and is accessed from Fort St. James via 160Km of gravel roads.

Historic reported placer gold production for period of 1874-1945               

Tom 2402oz        Harrison   232oz        Vital     4602oz

Kenny creek has reported production for period of 1870-1982 of 800oz with an additional 700oz produced in recent years.

At Tom creek in 1934 a shaft was sunk 73 feet to bedrock intercepting an old channel. From 75 cubic yards of material washed 25oz was yielded

In 2010 the current owner located and exposed this shaft down to bedrock level and confirmed the existence of the pay channel . The historical work and the owners exploration prove this property has great potential.

Seismic Refraction survey results, highlighting the buried channel will be made available to qualified buyer